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John A Smith & Sons is the owner and operator of the website (“the Website”).

John A Smith & Sons are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not and will not sell or pass on your personal information to anyone, except in so far as required to do so by law or by court order. John A Smith & Sons agrees to notify you of;

The information below gives examples of the common types of information collected, its use and by whom it is used how it used and who uses it. This is not an exhaustive list and it does not prohibit collection or use for purposes other than those stated below. If you require details of how information specific to you is collected or used please email

You have the option to receive notification of special offers and other promotional material via e-mail from John A Smith & Sons. You may unsubscribe to this service at any time be emailing You have the option to participate in surveys and user feedback questionnaires, the information from which is used by John A Smith & Sons to make improvements to the Website and services that John A Smith & Sons provide.

John A Smith & Sons may from time to time run competitions and/or promotional features which will appear on the Website. To administer these features John A Smith & Sons will collect information including your name, address, telephone number and email address. John A Smith & Sons may contact you as a result of entering a competition to notify you of a winning prize. John A Smith & Sons will not publish your details on the Website without your prior consent. John A Smith & Sons reserves the right to use the information collected in this way as part of its marketing operations except in so far as you have refused permission for it to be used in this way. Your details will not be sold or passed on to any other organisation, business or individual.

John A Smith & Sons reserves the right to share aggregate statistics about our visitor demographics and traffic patterns with our members and other interested parties. John A Smith & Sons warrants that these statistics do not include any information which can personally identify you.

Like most websites, there is certain information we automatically track, including the URL that you just came from, the URL you go to next, the browser you are using, and your IP address. We use cookies to help users navigate efficiently between secure and non-secure pages of our site. A cookie is a small file that the website places on your computer’s hard drive. Although there are many uses for cookies, we utilise them to simply keep track of your preferences during your session (visit), that information is stored in a ‘session cookie.’ Session cookies are not stored permanently in your computer but expire immediately, so they cannot be used to determine how often you visit the site. Please note that a cookie cannot be run like a software program. It cannot be used as a virus to destroy files on your computer, cannot enable the Web server to read from your hard drive, nor can it create executable programs.